Expect the best

A few words about us

Animus Hello and Welcome!

Animus is a studio created by enthusiasts that create projects in response to the needs of the audience on the base of realizing unique concepts of game design and development. We are the small team of experienced game developers who want to make the game development easier and happier for everyone, so our high quality assets will always be clean and well made, ready to plug and play.

As a studio, we also realize projects in cooperation. We support the activities of our partners by offering our workshop and experience. You also can order individual models or animations and we will make them specially for you. If you have any questions or you would like to order or purchase a model or animation, please contact us via email info@animus.digital


Process steps

Setting up a suit with sensors
Motion Recording
Duplicate recording
Check for defects
Processing mocap-duplicates
Setting in Unity